Rules and Dress Code

Rules and Dress Code

Dress Code for Men (Saturdays Only)

  • No Sports Attire of ANY Kind
  • Sports Attire Examples: Sweats, Jerseys or Athletic Wear unless it is a Theme Night
  • No Tank Tops
  • No Hats
  • No Scandals

Dress Code for Women

  • No Hats
  • Hot and Sexy Club Wear
  • Let’s keep it hot and sexy

Who can attend:

The following people are eligible to attend Shadows:

  • Single Ladies
  • Single Straight Men
  • Couples
  • Married People
  • Friends who like to enjoy each other’s company

However, Shadows RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON, including approved members.

Usual Reasons for Refused Entry:

While Shadows Reserves the Right to Refuse Entry to Anyone for Any Reason, here are the usual reasons as to why guests or members are refused entry:

  • Not being appropriately Dressed.
  • Intoxicated when coming to the door.
  • Breaking any club rules.

No ID, No Entry:

All members must show a valid ID at the door. No ID, No Entry.