Membership Disclosure Statement and Rules and Regulations

Please note you STILL have to sign a physical paper waiver at the club for our records.

Membership Disclosure Statement

I am 21 years of age or older.

I strongly believe that all persons posses the right to freedom of expression, including expression that may be sensual in nature. I understand, recognize and value the fact that other members of the Club may, from time to time, engage in a form of self-expression that may be sensual in nature within the private confines of the Club. Furthermore, I do not find this type of self expression to be offensive and/or obscene in nature and I believe that this type of self-expression is a right that is guaranteed to all persons under the United States Constitution. I further agree to respect both the privacy of Shadows Private Social Club and the privacy interests of each member of the Club. I understand that violation of the privacy interests of any member either within or outside of the Club is grounds for termination of any membership and grounds for prosecution on the basis of invasion of privacy.

I have never been convicted of any type of crime.

I am not a member of the press or news media.  

Waiver That YOU and the Shadows membership, void of any court order, shall maintain the privacy of all members and will not reveal any names of any member to any other persons, for any reason whatsoever, i.e., give or sell any names of any members to any other person or persons

 That YOU also agree not to photograph or record in any way any member or members without express written consent by said member and the board or management of Shadows. No cameras or recording devices of any kind are permitted. This includes cell phones

. That YOU understand that YOU must not engage in any and all illegal activity of any kind at all events given by Shadows including the use or possession of any illegal drugs of any kind.

I have not, and I agree that I will not pay, agree to pay, accept payment, or agree to accept payment or any consideration of value to engage in any form of sexual activity with another person. Note: no money or any other consideration of payment should never be exchanged among members for sex, EVER.

I hereby absolve Shadows Private Social Club of any responsibility for any consequences arising from my attendance at the Club and/or from interaction with the other members, on or off Club premises, and waive any and all claims, known or unknown, against the Club, its managers and volunteers from any injury, theft, accident, or illness, known or unknown, that may occur on or off the Club premises.

That YOU agree to waive any liability of Shadows or its staff, and hold Shadows harmless for an injury or loss that may occur to YOU while participating in any and all functions at ALL Shadows or any Shadows event. That YOU agree to waive any liability of Shadows or its staff for any damages, theft, or the like to all items YOU bring to Shadows events; this includes vehicles. That YOU understand that while drinking is allowed, YOU alone are responsible for your own actions and as such agree to hold Shadows, management, and its staff free of any responsibility for YOUR actions, including but not limited to disorderly conduct, drunk driving, etc. 

. I acknowledge each item of the Club's Rules and Regulations and the Membership Disclosure Statement as being truthful and applicable to myself or to ourselves.

I also agree that acceptance of my application and payment of the membership dues grants me membership in Shadows Private Social Club and that my per-usage fee constitutes payment solely for the use of the premises and facilities of Shadows Private Social Club. I have read the Club Rules and regulations and agree to abide by them and understand and agree that any violation of the Club Rules and Regulations may be cause for immediate and permanent expulsion from the Club and loss of membership privileges.

 The violation of ANY of these rules in this document will make you liable for more than two million Dollars. Shadows is Private Night Club, so help us keep it that way.

All our events are created for recreational purposes of consenting adult's ONLY.

Adults who like to meet other like minded individuals and who are FREE of any PHYSICAL, MENTAL, INTIMIDATION, THREAT, OR SUBORNATION. Neither for purpose of any financial gain or exchange of any kind, nor for any type of material benefits. 

Rules and Regulations

No cameras or recording devices of any kind are permitted. This includes cell phones.

Visibly intoxicated guests may be stopped at the door and refused entry. Management and Bar Staff reserve the right to cut off patrons due to excessive consumption of members’ own alcohol.

If someone wants to get to know you and ask you to dance but you are interested, the friendliest way to decline the invitation is to say, "oh no thank you, but thanks for asking." Be honest initially, and you will avoid any misunderstandings. Don't forget that people’s attitudes change and who knows? Maybe sometime in the future you may meet again with a different opinion.

All guests must respect the personal privacy of others. No acts of violence or rude conduct to guests or staff will be allowed.

Our staff members are always willing to try to correct any unpleasant situation. Treat one another with respect. After all, this is a party! Besides, you don't want to be rude or judgmental, because you wouldn't want it to happen to you. If a person talks to you and you are not interested, that doesn't mean you can't be nice to them. They are a person just like you! Just politely let them know that you are not interested.

If you are rejected (and it happens to everyone, including women), DO NOT take personal offense. Rejection is a very personal thing, and it's almost as hard to reject as it is to be rejected. Honesty with each other is crucial. Who knows? You could end up with a great friendship if you handle the situation right.

Deal with jealousy head on! It is a normal reaction. Remember that this is strictly a physical & recreational pleasure, not an emotional one. Discover what triggers jealousy in your relationship and work it out together. It may mean modifying your activities, but your relationship together is not worth jeopardizing over any activity.

Always let your steady partner knows she/he is number one. Arrive together, take time to caress them, touch base often, it makes one feel secure. And always leave together.

Honor any and all prior understandings & rules you have made between each other, and be sure to COMMUNICATE with each other openly and honestly so there are no misunderstandings about your rules.
Definitely, NO DRUGS.

Shadows is a drug free club so keep the drugs at home, otherwise you will be ejected.